10 Self-Confidence Developing strategies to ensure Success

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Some say success is a journey, not a specific destination. Well, in that case, the journey is not easy, but not impossible. What are the key factors that push you towards the success? One of the most important factors is definitely the self-confidence.

The term self-confidence can be interpreted in various ways. Imagine you are sitting with renowned Economist who is very keen to discuss the problems of Global Economy of which you have no idea. In this case, you can do only two things. You can confess to him that you have no idea on Global Economy or you can ask him to explain more about his latest comment. That will give him a chance of showcase his own knowledge, without discovering your ignorance. This is called Self-Confidence. It doesn’t signify that you have to know everything, just how to handle the taught situation.

Now, the biggest question is how self-confidence takes an active part on your success? To analyze this question, let’s discuss some points to develop your self-confidence and how to use that in achieving success in life,

Focus on yourself, Practice positive self-talk

The term focusing on yourself doesn’t signify spending half of the day in front of the mirror. Moreover, it signifies focusing on your thoughts, your insights. The self-confidence won’t grow overnight. You have to convince yourself that you can do it, if not now, then gradually. The fear of failing mustn’t hold you back; rather it must give you courage to take the challenge. Also, never underestimate the power of the Positive Self-talk. The positive self-talk is a great way to motivate yourself to take the chances and to build your self-confidence. Always keep remembering the things you have achieved so far rather than the failures or the issues that are holding you back.

Choose a Role-Model

In the segments of role Model, shift your focus from the renowned celebrities and well-known people to some flesh and blood person. Choose the most influential person of your life, he or she can be your teachers, parents, family or just acquaintance. Try to follow their path of life, learn from their mistakes. Assure yourself, that if they can, you can do it too. The essential step of building self-confidence is to assure yourself that nobody is born successful, they just made it with their hard-works, intelligence, talents. If they can, then you can do it too, with your self-confidence and determination.

Build a positive self-image

The term ‘First impression’ is not outdated. The way you talk, speak or carry yourself hugely portrays the level of confidence you have. The term ‘self-image’ signifies the way you see yourself. So, for increasing your level of self-confidence, you need to build up a Positive self-image. The positive self-image changes the way how you present yourself in public. The positive self-image not only increases your self confidence, but determines how you are presenting yourself in public.

Dare to do something different

No matter how much you want to motivate yourself by self-talk, your self-confidence will actually increase the moment you will dare to do something different. Out of your own comfort zone, every step you can take, will lead you to the adventures of a lifetime. Plan a solo trip, try some adventure sports or just try to do something you haven’t done before. Trying something out of the context is to bring you self-confidence, which is to take you in the road of success.

Celebrating your achievements

Being successful doesn’t mean you have to be a millionaire or a renowned celebrity. Being successful signifies you are achieving your growths with small achievements. Celebrating those achievements are a great part of self-motivation. This self-motivation ultimately provides you self-confidence that will help you in retaining those achievements, and bringing greater success in life.

Influence others

Sometimes it’s great to remind yourself that the world is not only about you. Helping and motivating somebody else not only helps that person, it also helps you to gain confidence. Imagine, somebody around you is going through a rough patch. They have turned up at your doorstep for some advice and help, which you have gladly supplied. In this situation, if your help and advice has really helped that person, it is going to give your self-confidence a huge boost. So, helping and influencing others is always a good idea for your own growth.

Live your life as you want it…

One fine question to ask yourself is that, are you living your life, or just fulfilling other’s dream? We all are social animals; our life is linked with our families, society. In this segment, we tend to lose our own dream in the expectations of others. The important step of gaining self-confidence is to acknowledge your own dreams alongside. While you are living your own dream, your self-confidence will increase several notch. Also, one part of living life in your own terms signifies you never have to compare yourself with the others. Every person has their own unique qualities and dreams. Never compare them with the others.

Make mistake and learn from them

Until and unless you will make mistake, you won’t learn from it. If you are a human, you are bound to make mistakes. Don’t be disappointed if you are making mistakes; just make sure you are learning from them. Learning from mistakes is a big part of personality development and building self-confidence.

Fake it until you make it

The trait is not to be entirely confident, but to appear absolutely confident. Even the most successful people have their own insecurities. So, you need to remember that no matter how much insecure you are, you must appear confident to win the game.

Lastly, always keep backup plans

The final trait of self-confidence is to have a backup plan ready in case you don’t get success immediately. Let’s imagine that you are giving one hundred percent effort to secure a job in a particular organization. Appearing confident under huge stress is indeed a challenge. In this matter, if you feel that it’s not your last option, you can be more confident. In order to achieve success and to retain it, you must have a plan B, C and D ready.

Basically, the secret of success is to follow your dream and face the challenges with self-confidence. Self-confidence is not a trait; it is a process to gain the belief that you can, no matter how hard it is.

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