Career Advice: How to find a Job You Love to be Unstoppable

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Have your ever had questions like “What am I good at?”, “Which career should I pick?” or “What job should I do?”

Girl, you are not alone! According to a recent study, 49% of women declared feeling in “crisis” in their 20s. In this Blog Post I’ll share step-by-step techniques to help you identify your interests, passions and talents, so you can find the career of your dreams.

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Since  we were little, our parents, our teachers and literally the whole world were telling us who we should be and how. Girls are supposed to play with dolls, find a guy and settle down. Really? I don’t think so! Times are different now, and Girl, this is your chance to live your life by your own rules. Today’s world is full of career opportunities and it’s in your hands to chase the job you want, and most importantly have fun while you’re doing it.

Let’s be honest: How many times did we give in and decide based on what society wants while compromising on what we really want? According to Bronnie Ware (Palliative Nurse who spend several years with dying patiens), the no.1 regret from people taking their last breath in the hospital is “I wish I’ve had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

The good news is it’s never too late and you are still young & fun. Down below I will give you 3 Practical Techniques to help you identify your passions and talents. Knowing your set of skills will lead you to become the best person you could ever be.


Technique No.1 : Internal Dialogue – Passion Revelation

Inspired by the Gestalt Therapy (Gestalt Phycology is an existential/experiential form of psychotherapy that emphasizes personal responsibility), the “Internal Dialogue” exercise will help you discover what brings joy to your life – activities, jobs and tasks that you enjoy not only professionally but also personally.

The importance of this lies in the fact that no other person knows yourself better than you, and listening to your inner self will lead you to what is best for you.

Setting & Preparation: I recommend you find a quiet and comfortable place, preferably at a time when you can avoid distractions or interruptions. If you like, play relaxing music (avoid songs with lyrics, as they will distract you).


a) Relax to Start: In a comfortable position, close your eyes and take a deep breath for 3 seconds and then exhale during 6 seconds, repeat this 5 times.

b) Question yourself: Ask yourself the following questions: “What makes Your Name Here happy? or “What is it that Your Name Here enjoys the most?” Take your time to remember experiences, that you have enjoyed in the past. Don’t rush it. Allow yourself to take some time and the ideas will start popping into your mind. Make sure you write down all the ideas, and collect as many ideas as possible.

c) Identify Similarities: Go through the list of ideas and find a common ground on the responses. Let’s say your list includes drawing, going to a modern arts museum, checking out fashion magazines… Do you see where I’m going? These past examples have some common ground: Creativity. So, go and finish up with the rest of the list. After you are done, you can write them down in the Free PDF Workbook that you can download at the end of the Blog Post.

This list, my friend, is pure gold. It tells you in a consistent way what areas are bringing the most joy to your life. These are the activities, careers,jobs and topics you are passionate about. These have a high value for you because they make you feel alive. To close this section, I want to share an inspirational video on “Find Your Inner Voice” by Charles Hold.


The second technique is dedicated to finding your natural talents. “A person has the right, and I think the responsibility, to develop all of their talents.” said Jessye Norman (American opera singer granted with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award).

Discovering your talents and using them for the greater good is part of your mission in life. When you dedicate time to the things that make you happy, you contribute to making the world a better place.

Technique No. 2 : Talent Discovery

Being a sassy woman is not easy. Throughout your life, you have been confronted with different situations that required your intervention. The resources you utilize to overcome these circumstances are part of your set of talents and skills.

These skills keep you moving forward in life, despite obstacles, and that’s why they are so important, because you can always make good use of them.

Setting & Preparation: Same as previous exercise.

Technique Talent Discovery Based on Personal Experiences:

a) Recollection of experiences: Think about situations in which your contribution solved a problem or helped to make things better. Your contribution could be in any form, for instance giving new ideas, finding an alternative solution… For example, while cooking, you discover that you are missing one ingredient, and instead of stopping half way your recipe you decide to “improvise” and exchange the missing ingredient for a new one. You see what I mean? At the end, you managed to accomplish what you needed to do, in a different way, but you did it.

b) Identify Similarities: Once you have a vast amount of experiences, go over them and identify common behaviors. Based on the cooking example above, we can say that this person has a “Creative Mind” to find solutions. Continue and once you are done, you can write them down in the Free PDF Workbook that you can download at the end of the Blog Post. If your compiled talent list lacks a few items, don’t worry. Down below I have a complementary technique for you to grow this list.

Technique Talent Discovery by Asking your Friends

According to a paper on the San Diego State University website written by professional training and coaching consultant Brian Stumme, “positive feedback reinforces behavior while negative feedback extinguishes it.”

For that extra help, you need to reach out to people who care about you, namely your “Besties”. They will support you to collect talents that you might not even be aware of. What a nice ego boost, right?

a) Selection of Friends: For this exercise, select friends that you feel very comfortable with, as you will be asking them very personal information.  You can also tell them you’re working on your CV and you need an external opinion. Make sure you tell them that the reason you are asking them is because you value their opinion. This will make them feel good and will motivate them to respond.

b) Composition of Email: If you want to get quality information, you need to send concrete and easy to understand questions. Send them questions like: “What are some good qualities about my personal and professional skills?”, “Which talents do you see in me?” “If you were to describe me personally/professionally, what words would you use?” At the end of the email, ask them to write back before a certain deadline. When people are given a time frame they are more likely to write back.

c) Compilation of information: Collect the lists of talents and skills your friend shared with you and add them to your existing list. Don’t you love how great it feels to read all those nice things your friends see in you? You’re welcome! : ) Now as a sign of gratitude and appreciation, return the gesture and respond back, thanking them for their contribution and forwarding them a list of positive qualities you appreciate in them.

Bonus Tools : Online Questionnaires

There are plenty of online questionnaires. They are quite useful and will complement the more personal approach of the previous exercises for career opportunities.

10 Questions to identify your core gifts

Metaskills Quiz 

Your hidden talent

What is your natural born talent

Know your abilities

How to find your passion in life Quizz


Technique No. 3 : Identifying Your Ideal Jobs & Careers.

In this last step, will find a practical use to your passions and talents, so you can be the best version of yourself you could ever be.

Potential Identification:

  At this point, the Workbook should be filled in with your passions and talents, so that you have a clear and structured view that will help you identify possible career opportunities. Look for careers, professions or hobbies that: No.1 offer you some of the things you are passionate about and No. 2  require your personal set of talents and skills. For example: Passionate about Fashion + Good at Drawing = Fashion Designer or Fashion Content Curator.

Being in a job that is a perfect fit for your passion and set of talents will ensure your overall performance, and you will be more likely to succeed and most importantly enjoy what you do. There are unlimited activities, and careers awaiting for you out there.

A good starting point for you to find out which one suits you best will be reading job or career descriptions and then cross check them with your personal talents and passions.

You should now have finalized the mentioned techniques – Congrats! I know it was not an easy job, but what you have gathered now will be useful for a lifetime. You should be proud of yourself! This list of talents and passions is only the beginning of your bright future; it will only get bigger and stronger as you gain more experience.

Many people struggle in the pursuit of their dreams because they start doubting themselves when confronted with obstacles. However, when you are aware of your strengths, it is much easier to believe in yourself and to overcome the setbacks in life. Now, fully armed with your Girl Power, go chase your dreams – I’m sure you will make it happen! #makeyouproud


Finally, I would like to mention that the purpose of this Blog Post is to inspire and empower women out there to go chase their dreams because I know is not that easy and I want to be of help. Please let me know if this was useful to you, and feel free to share some interesting thoughts on your “Discovery Journey”. You can leave comment or send an email, too. Also, most importantly share this Blog with someone that might find it useful.

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