15 Tips On How Confident Women Deal with their Sh*t

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wished you had the confidence to deal with a problem but you struggled to find that confidence? No matter the circumstances acting with fear can only breed lots of problems or can make us avoid our problems. Picture yourself standing on a stage before a large audience in an auditorium ready to give a speech at an important event. Will you bolt or will you go ahead and make the speech in spite of any stress?. Well, that normally depends on how confident you feel about it. The good news is that you can take steps to become one of those confident women that are not afraid to deal with any obstacles. Below, I’ll give you the best tips that helped me overcome my biggest fears and gave me the confident to deal with my sh*t.

1. Don’t doubt your value.


Research has shown that an average human being has just about 65,000 thoughts. Of these, some 85 to 95 percent are negative. As Amanda Chatel says, confident women don’t waste their time being negative. While you cannot block negativity, you can use it in your favor. Use those “scary” thoughts as warning sings and prepare your self for go wrong. It is totally ok to have fear and have self doubt, the secret is what you make of it. You can either let it paralyze you or you can use it in your favor to be prepared. Do you see what I mean?

2. Don’t over-analyse things

You might be one of those women who just can’t help but over-analyse situations. Confident women don’t spend lots of time thinking about the meaning of a text message or facial expressions. They learn to take things on face value and so can you. Things are as simple as they look, avoid to invest too much energy on worrying. Trust your instincts and feelings, and you will see clearly and find a solution for any situation. Since over-analysis is a time waster, confident women are able to make better use of every second. They know how to live in the present and not in the past or the unknown future. You can always give a better use to your precious time, working out, mastering your countouring or reading a great book.

3. Learn how to say no

Confident women know when and how to say ‘no’. But don’t delude yourself that it’s easy. In fact, it takes a daring woman to say ‘no’ to your colleague, boss, friends, and family. If you are one of those women who likes to please everyone, you need to get clear with your priorities. Saying ‘no’ doesn’t necessarily imply rejecting the person. So why should you feel guilty about it? After all, you don’t want someone dictating your priorities, do you? At the end you are the person that you need to take care the most, right? So when in doubt simple ask yourself, Do I really want to do this? That doesn’t mean you should be rude or act crudely. Saying ‘no’ can be done politely but firmly if you don’t want to go offending other people. Is all about respecting yourself and the others.

4. Never lose your identity

Have you ever felt like you were losing yourself in a relationship? When you are in a new love relationship, it is easy to put your other friendships last on the priority list. Giving too much of yourself to your partner can only create a mess you wish you avoided. Confident women know how to keep themselves as entities separate from the relationship. They never lose sight of who they are and what they expect out of life and their relationship. This is why they look so bold.


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5. Don’t suppress your feelings

There is nothing as liberating as being able to express your feelings. Most people are afraid of how others would react when they say and act the as they feel. Confident women are, however, not afraid to express their feelings. They are assured in their skin and act without fear, without worrying much about what people will say. Suppressing your feelings means the other party doesn’t really get to know when there is something going on your end. So, if you don’t like anything, just say it. You will be saved lots of future uncertainty.

6. Never compromise self-care

Self-care does not necessarily mean being self-indulgent. Confident women understand the need for caring for themselves. They understand the need for rest and relaxation as well as its role in maintaining an upbeat spirit. If you want to be enthusiastic learn to give yourself some rewards like a warm birth for example. Also, get enough sleep, eat well, and schedule regular self-care time. You can find a ton of great Self Care tips in our Pinterest Profile. We all need to pamper ourselves regularly give it a try you will love it.

7. Don’t try to please people

Your friends, family, and colleagues will demand of your time, money, and attention. There is no need for you to run yourself into a rut by trying to please everyone. Confident women know what they want from any relationship. They understand that as much as they give of themselves, the other party also has a role to play. A relationship in which you are always trying to fulfill other people’s desires is skewed and should not be encouraged. It will leave you drained financially, emotionally and even in terms of time who has that much time now our days? Avoid it if you want to be have balanced relationships.

8. Don’t be afraid to get messy

Many people believe that they have to be perfect in everything they do. They think making a mistake is wrong. What they forget is that anyone who will be anything must be brave enough to get messy. Confident women understand that it’s the messes they make along the way that mark the out for success later. So as to be more confident about your ability to carry out certain tasks, you should be ready to go through those messy moments. Even the inventor of the light bulb had to make 1000 mistakes before he developed the right way of making it. If you are not going to get your hands dirty, forget about becoming the master of anything.

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9. Don’t see failure as defeat

Confident women are bold enough to try out new things. They understand that failure is not only an opportunity to learn and not an expression of finality in defeat. To be a bold woman, you should always look for the lessons in instances of failure. After all, going through failure is learning how not to do things. Avoiding the mistakes you made to get yourself into the mess can only mean one thing – success.

10. Don’t ignore your instincts

Being self-confident is as good as learning to trust yourself to make the right choices in the face of uncertainty. You should believe in your ability to hold fort when things seem to be going wrong. Women who are hopeful don’t go questioning their actions nor feeling conflicted about what’s right to say or do. They act on their instincts and are fine with being their true selves and nothing else.

11. Don’t take things personally

Are you in the habit of taking even the most mundane relationship issues personally? It’s good to sometimes accept things as they are, instead of taking them to heart. That’s what confident women do. They think about issues more objectively instead of taking them personal. After all, misunderstandings do not necessarily mean enmity. The best way is to think through the issues before coming to a conclusion.

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12. Set healthy boundaries

Are you the kind of person who is available at everyone’s beck and call all the time? If there is something that confident women understand well then it is taking good care of themselves. To be at your most upbeat, you must define for yourself how far you are willing to compromise. Create some ‘me time’ so as to avoid the debilitating effects of burnout. You might want to take some 30 minutes to plan for your daily top three priorities. Since it’s impossible to be ‘always on’ you should set aside time to quit and be with friends and family.

13. Accept responsibility

For most people, it’s so hard to admit when they are wrong. However, you won’t have a problem doing so if you are hopeful by nature. Not only do confident women accept responsibility, but they are also not afraid to single out for their mistakes. As a woman who is full of yourself, it’s easy for you to learn from your mistakes. Dealing with your relationship conflicts will become much easier when you are clear in your mind.

14. Don’t stay in bad relationships

There are many hurting women who have stayed in toxic relationships and suffered frustration for it. Not so for confident women. They are daring enough to leave a relationship when things go bad or when they feel they are being short-changed. A breakup is always tuff but is better to leave and be happy than to stay and be miserable. Check our Blog Post to get some tips on How to handle a breakup like a Boss. Get inspired, a great new life could be awaiting for you. Don’t let fear paralyze you. Trust me you will be fine. After all, it’s not the end of the world. Taking stock and washing your hands of it is, surely the way to go. Who says you will never find love again?

15. Learn to ask for help

Only people who believe in their infallibility don’t ask for help when they need it. That’s something confident women have learnt to circumvent quite easily. Whenever you find yourself stuck in a rut, always ask for help. You never know how proud the other person would feel for having gotten you out of frustration.

So lets recap; what gives your the confidence to deal with problems and setbacks is your self wariness and how much you value yourself. When you know who you are, you are aware of your super powers. By staying truth to your desires, needs and beliefs you respect your persona. That makes a huge difference. You empower who you are and send such a powerful message to your inner self. You reinforce your strengths and you learn to cope with your weaknesses. Nobody is perfect, the secret is to lear our talents and flaws and be comfortable with who we really are.

As you can see, confident women do some things that the rest of us don’t. However, that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do about it. Learning all the 15 tips discussed here should help you become more self-confident than before. Do you agree with the list? In your experience which other tips and resources could we use to get he confidence to face any situation? Do you have some example or want or would like to share your story? Write us in the comment section below and share this post with someone you think could benefit from it.

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