Self-Motivation: What is It, and 10 Tips on How to Improve It

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Most us struggle to keep motivation and we are not the only ones. Worldwide, only 13% of Employees Are Engaged at Work. However there are some periods in life in which we need that extra push to accomplish our goals. In this Blog Post I will share with you 10 tips for effectively keep your self-motivation to rise and shine.

So, First Thing First, What is motivation?

At its very basic, motivation is a driving force to do things. It starts out as an efficient inner dialogue. When you are motivated, you know why, how, and what to do. To have real self motivation, you ought to have the right inner understanding of what you want to accomplish and why.

The Types of motivation

We have two types of motivation. The first type comes from factors outside yourself. It’s known as extrinsic motivation as it depends on things such as people’s approval and rewards. The second type is known as intrinsic motivation. It’s motivation from within and doesn’t rely on external push. Rather, it’s a drive that emanates from within the individual to accomplish something for your own satisfaction. Intrinsic motivation is where we get self motivation.

Understanding what motivates you.

What’s it that motivated you into action? Although it could be subtle, sometimes your true motivation could be subconscious. Even so, your motivation is not static. It’s prone to change from time to time due to changing needs and wants. A self motivated individual is ready to act on opportunities and keeps going even in the face of adversity. But why do we improve self motivation?

10 Tips on how to improve self motivation

No.1 Having a goal

If you are looking for a source of self motivation that will stay with you for a long time, define for yourself a goal. When you have a goal, you will be inspired to give your best even when difficulties come. When you are working to achieve a goal, you will find yourself doing seemingly unmanageable things. Your goals ought to be achievable and realistic. As much as you should have long-term goals, ensure you have short-term goals too. When you know your goal in life, you can wake up every morning raring to achieve your best.

No.2 Making a vision board


Your goal remains a dream if it is not concretized through a vision board. You have set your goals and imagined how your future will be like. Now it’s time to create a vision board. Get a collection of images representing your feelings about what you aspire to achieve. Hang the vision in a prominent place so you can look at it every day for inspiration. If this doesn’t stir your self-motivation, then what would? As you achieve goals and grow, add appropriate things to the vision board. Who knows, someday all the images might just unfold, right before you?

No.3 Making a plan to make it happen

Improving self-motivation is also a function of planning. You must come up with concrete plans on how you will achieve your goals. How else will you get there? Before you come up with a plan, you should have a clear idea what it is you are trying to achieve. Do this by having specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound goals. Then draw a map of the specific things you would like to see happening over a specific time. Do you have anyone in mind who should be involved? Ensure you ask those you want to involve before making them part of your plans. At this point, you ought to give your goals specific timelines within which they will be achieved. To achieve your goals, you will definitely need to allocate resources. But first, you should find out if you can afford it. Will you require funding from outside? To have a foolproof plan, ensure you have a fallback strategy where finances are concerned.

No.4 Breaking your big goal into smaller task

To achieve a big goal, you have to start somewhere. Starting small should get you unstuck as it makes your goals more realistic. Ensure you break your big goal into small achievable steps. First, consider the things you need to sort out and break them into small tasks. Then decide what you are going to study or accomplish in the morning and in the afternoon. This way, each small task you achieve will give you the self-motivation you need to attain your big goal.

No.5 Rewarding yourself

Self-motivation is a function of the rewards. It doesn’t have to be something out weird. Buying yourself a treat when you complete a task at work or finish a study session should keep you going. Rewarding yourself is a way of reminding yourself how difficult it was to get here. You also get to understand that whatever else seems impossible can actually be accomplished.

No.6 Dealing with the setbacks


There is a tendency to throw in the towel when you meet obstacles along the way. It’s easy to think it’s too difficult to take any further step. To keep your self-motivation at high levels, all you need is take one more step forward. It’s not enough to have a desire. You must have hunger if you want to improve your self-motivation. How else are you going to get through the difficult times if you are not looking to achieve badly enough? It’s hunger to get things done that marks out the best performers from mediocre ones.

No.7 Keeping a positive mind

When bad things happen, you might find yourself feeling discouraged. However, it’s much better for you to see the good in bad situations. Make the habit of finding what works to get you out of sticky situations. After all, there is no problem that doesn’t have a solution!

No.8 Having fun

Why shouldn’t you have fun as you work towards achieving your goals? Stop taking things too seriously all the time. After all, life is not just about achieving goals. You are not on this planet just to work, you deserve all the fun out there too. When you feel unmotivated, take a well deserved break.

No.9 Finding a mentor

Find yourself a person you admire or whose deeds you want to emulate. It could be someone who is already in your personal life or a total stranger. Link up with her and get inspired as you work to improve your self-motivation.

No.10 Getting help from others

It helps to work with another person as you strive towards the attainment of your goals. It is natural for ideas to bounce from one person to the other. This is definitely a great way to improve your self-motivation. Look for someone whose point of view and approach to issues will be beneficial to you. Although you might want to go solo, collaborating with a friend will lead to greater results.


At the end, there is nothing to lose for trying over and over again. Since self-motivation is not a linear process, you might have to shift goals and even steps along the way. Whatever you do, keep moving towards the achievement of your goals. One day you will be glad you kept pushing yourself. A living proof that what you want you are capable of making it happen.

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